Sue C

It was a chance meeting with Richard, who I knew as a friend that put me on a path to a much better eating habit and healthier life. I had health issues that I wanted to address and started working with Richard.

Richard asked for blood tests before we started the program. My blood pressure was high and had been for some time. It had become border line medication. From the first appointment with Richard I removed meat, dairy and eggs from my diet and followed his advice – whole foods, plant based. I had a doctor’s appointment two days later to address my blood pressure and I was astounded that my blood pressure was normal.

Richard has done the nutritional research and left no stone unturned. He can back up his findings and speak with authority on what he teaches. He took the confusion out of the dinner table. I can have good quality bread and whole grains, non-dairy milk, lovely salads with variety, fruit, and a rainbow of vegetables. Recipes are easy to prepare and delicious. One of my favorites is a grilled mushroom in place of meat.

I can eat whole foods, plant based much easier than I thought and this eating style takes care of overeating sugars and other unhealthy foods. Because I started working with Richard I am on no medication and I am in my 60’s. I do slip sometimes but now I know without any doubt what is best for my body and brain. I don’t feel I am missing out because I have no meat, no dairy and no eggs.

My blood tests were redone and everything improved. Six months later I am now encouraging my husband to follow my example as he has daily pain and health issues. Richard is there to support me and answer any questions I have.

Sue - Cessnock

I.G. – Hunter Valley

I did Richard’s course in April (2007). Since then I have given up eggs and dairy. I was not eating meat. I continue to make my own wheat bread. I was taking diabetic and arthritic medications.

With some additional help from a local naturopath, I no longer need any medications at all. I am able to do activities such as gardening which was not possible previously.

I.G. - Hunter Valley, NSW


I was feeling very unwell, difficult to get up in the morning, lethargic and miserable. I had 3 children living at home so it was challenging. After many visits to the doctor, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It took some time. Because I was not overweight, the doctor assumed that I would not have diabetes.

I was told that the only option was to take medication and reduce carbohydrates in the diet – something that I would have to do for the rest of my life. They become rather upset when I wanted to try alternatives. I said if there was no improvement in 3 months then I would revert to conventional treatment.

I spoke to Richard, borrowed a number of books, started a high-carbohydrate, plant-based diet, bought a treadmill which I use every day. My three-monthly checks have shown normal results and my doctor is always surprised as she reads to me the results. I sit there thinking, bloody hell why would the data show any decline? The Drs make out you are doomed and heading to an early grave when you’ve got Type 2. I’m following what you told me to do – plant based diet, exercise and it worked.

Mary - Newcastle, NSW

Leukaemia Foundation – Hunter Valley

We have just had Richard present for us at one of the Leukaemia Foundation support Groups. The session was both informative and easy to understand, and encouraged group discussion and questions.

Leukaemia Foundation - Hunter Valley


Richard is wonderfully considerate and helpful and he has been called on many times to assist my Kinesiology Practice. He pays impeccable attention to every detail of the work that he undertakes which he does with enthusiasm and caring. I admire Richard’s skills and abilities and he uses his insight, common sense and intelligence to wisely assist the people with whom he is working to achieve wonderful results.

Loreto Whitney

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