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Monday, 11th January 2021

I have written to a number of health authorities expressing my deep concerns about the medical advice offered by the Australian of the Year, Dr James Muecke. The response is the same – we can only address specific cases.

There is not one medical authority that recommends that we need to eat more meat, eggs and dairy to prevent diabetes, diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy as advocated by Muecke.

Meanwhile, in 2018, 36% of Australians aged 18 and over are overweight (BMI of 25 to up to 30) and 31% of the population are obese (BMI 30 or more).

34% of adult Australians have hypertension (greater than 140/90 or taking medication). According to the Framingham Risk Assessment calculator, a systolic value of less than 120 mmHg is ideal.

5.3% of Australian adults aged 18 and over had type 2 diabetes in 2017–18. Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia; increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.
Between 25% and 35% of Australians diabetics report some form of diabetic retinopathy.

Something is seriously wrong and the situation is becoming worse. There current plan to address these issues is not working.

The South Australian Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health states that everyone should have access to the latest evidence and data to make the best health decisions. This is clearly not the case whilst medical authorities allow Dr James Muecke to disseminate information that has been demonstrated time and again to be not only false but detrimental.

Can you direct me to an appropriate authority to make this a reality and is able to prevent incompetent advice from reaching the public?

If you type “intramyocellular lipids diabetes” into a Google Scholar search, you will receive hundreds of search results that documents the cause of type 2 diabetes. “Intramyocellular lipids diabetes” refers to fats inside muscle cells.  Despite Muecke claims, it has very little to do with sugar consumption.

The previous email presented the evidence how Muecke is causing harm and is busy raising money to continue with his damaging legacy.

I have attached a document for your reference that documents the real causes and solutions for type 2 diabetes. It may be useful when medical authorities decide that a more active role is needed to address the rising rates of obesity, hypertension and diabetes.

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