A True Quest for Truth Denies Nothing

A truly wise person is able to see the world exactly how it is – free from any filters or preferences, judgments or undue optimism or pessimism.

Everything must be taken into account – then considered and evaluated. Nothing should be dismissed because it is inconvenient or does not fit into our current view of reality.

A quest for truth is not simply to confirm your view of the world. It is a continual challenge where every belief, every contradiction, every cherished ideal that can can the very basis of who we believe that we are, must be questioned.

Almost the truth simply does not work.

Did your search result in a more restricted view of the world simply to confirm what you dearly wish to believe?

Or is there a more expansive view that includes all that you have discovered? Does the world become more coherent and complete?

A quest for truth is only valid is you are prepared to change your beliefs based on what you have found.

A quest for truth is only useful if you are prepared to take action on what you have discovered.

Deny nothing

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