But we are all individuals

“But we are all individuals.”

This is a frequent response to the suggestion that dietary and lifestyle changes will be beneficial to a person’s well being.

“But we our all individuals.  Just because it may be good for some people, it does not mean it will be good for me.  I will continue to do whatever I feel is right.”  What is really meant is, “I will continue to do whatever I feel like doing.”

Yes, we are all individuals with different beliefs, habits, preferences and experiences.

Habits can be difficult to change.  The good news is that we did learn the old habits and we can easily (well, may be not quite that easily) replace the old habit with a new, more beneficial habit.  After 6 weeks of cultivating a new habit, the new habit becomes an established habit.

Yes, it may be comforting to sip a hot cup of coffee on waking or drink a warm glass of milk before going to bed.

Diary contains casein.  Casomorphins derived from casein are protein fragments (polypeptides) that are found it the blood after digesting diary.  Both meat and dairy are comfort foods based on our addiction to the opiates that they provide.

If poor nutrition is the basis of the majority of our health problems, then the only solution is great nutrition.  This means taking the time to discover what is great nutrition for us all.

It is not a matter of eating whatever you feel like as an individual – it a matter of eating what is right for you as a person.

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