Windella Computer Knowhow

St Helena - Lochinvar St Helena - Lochinvar

Windella Computer Knowhow is based at Lochinvar in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia - adjacent to St Helena's Estate.

Hunter Valley is a wine growing region and a major tourist destination situated 160 km north of Sydney and 50 km north-west of Newcastle.

Business Rules Systems

Business rules determine how insurance companies calculate premiums, how banks assess risk and process their transactions, how finance companies balance portfolios, how foreign exchange traders trade and how retailers set pricing levels. They allow pathologists to identify abnormalities, engineers to control processes, logistics companies to generate schedules and financial advisors to recommend investment strategies.

EKG Sample EKG Rule

By separating the business rules from the computer applications and the business data helps to ensure that the rules are understood, correctly implemented and easy to modify.

Some Business Rules

  • If the client is a Primary Producer then apply a 30% discount.
  • If the Time interval between successive R pulses is regular and the shape of successive QRS pulse complexes are identical and the time interval between successive QRS pulses are the same and the heart rate is less than 40 beats per minute then the diagnosis is Idioventricular rhythm.
  • If the Product Code on a cheque is 99 then the voucher is a Housing Loan Credit.
  • If Payment is overdue by more than 4 weeks, send an Overdue Notice.

Mamba Diagnostics

Client Results (2K)

Created Mamba Diagnostics application which takes the results of medical tests and produces a diagnostic report based on the customer's rules and comments.

The tests can be related to pathology, soil, water, coal or any other type of sample.

Mamba Projects

Created Mamba Projects application which manages the activities and documents for projects. This is relevant to engineering, building, town planning, landscaping . . . any industry that undertakes projects.

Database Systems

Many business initially store their business data in spreadsheets. This may work efficiently but there may become a time when it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain the required information.

Data Diagram Database Data Diagram

Some of the advantages of databases over spreadsheets for storing non-financial information are:

  • Security - you can ensure that people view and update only the information that they are entitled to.
  • Multi-user - people can view and update information at the same time.
  • Reporting - a much greater flexibility to report on the information stored in the database.
  • Greater storage capacity - databases can store billions of rows of information.
  • Less duplication of data which makes the databases easier to maintain and manage.
  • Databases are designed to manage data whilst spreadsheets are designed for financial calculations.

A well designed database enables a business to turn their valuable data into information.

Windella Computer Knowhow uses ElevateDB database engine.

ElevateDB is SQL database engine that offers local single and multi-user file-sharing access and client-server access. ElevateDB adheres to a subset of the SQL 2003 standard.