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Forex Calculator

The graph shows the movement of the British Pound against the US Dollar over a 7 day trading period. Each bar on the graph represents 1 hour trading.

Day traders plot the price flucations at the points A, B and C and forecast the next D point.

The Forex Calculator does not forecast the market. It does perform a number of calculations to assist traders to arrive at a decision. It calculates

  • the trading goal required to operate within the traders risk management strategy
  • the exit point required if the trade fails to operate within the traders risk management strategy
  • the potential gain and loss for the trade
  • the maximum number of lots that should be placed to operate within the trader's risk plan
  • the actual profit or loss on the trade

The Forex Calculator allows the trader to record the details of each trade and relevant graphs. The trader can record the trading patterns, candlestick patterns and notes for future analysis.

Reports are generated enabling the trader to track performance of trading with individual currencies and trading patterns.

The trades can be exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis. The example shows an Excel pivot table which allows a trader to analyse their trading patterns and results.