Windella Computer Knowhow

What is Mamba Diagnostics?

Mamba Diagnostics allows health professionals to:

  • record client information
  • record the results of any medical test
  • report a diagnosis and suggested treatment based on the results of the tests and the client's age, weight, height and sex
  • add treatment plans for a client from a standard list. This list may be modified and additional treatments can be added to suit the practitioner's individual needs
  • provide their clients with a report that can be printed or emailed


Download the brochure for Mamba Diagnostics.

Download the help documentation for Mamba Diagnotics.

Record All Client Test Results

Client Results (2K)

A client can have any number of clinical episodes, each with a number of test results.

The results for any test can be recorded.

Tests may have a numerical result. For example, Carbohydrate with a result of 6

Alternatively, the result may be selected from a list. For example, the Leucocytes result is selected from the following list of possible results: {Negative, Trace, +, ++, +++}

The practitioner can define any test and it's associated properties including:

  • unit of measure
  • the order that it is printed on the report
  • is the result reported (you may not want to report all results)
  • the format of numerical results
  • the allowable range for the numeric test results
  • the list of allowable values for non-numeric tests

Optionally, the result of a test may be calculated from the results of other tests.

Client Classification

Category Lists (34K)

A Practitioner can classify the clients into any desired categories.

You can classify your clients by their diet, metabolic type, blood group, occupation or any desired category that you consider relevant.

Define your own comments and report templates

Tyrosine (37K)

Practitioners may edit the standard comments and templates that are included in the report.

Practitioners can add standard comments that can be incorporated into a Treatment Plan.

Diagnostics Rules

Decision Table (36K)

Rules are defined so that specific diagnosis and suggestions can be reported on the basis of:

  • test results
  • client categories (for example, diet, blood group or metabolic type)
  • age
  • sex
  • height
  • weight


Decision Table2 (1K)

All the rules are documented, so you can see why particular comments are printed in response to the client's results.

If Urine and Saliva pH is recorded within the ranges listed then the relevant comments are reported.

Client Report

Report (55K)

A client report is produced based on the results of the tests.

You may add additional recommendations, treatment plans and supplements from your standard list as well as typing individual comments.