Version 2.46

Add ability to view Backup and Report folders from Utilities menu.

Add Contingency Planning link to Help menu

Fix website locations on Help menu.

Add ability to Delete All Clients and their associated episodes from the Utilites menu. Only users logged on as administrators can do this. A backup is taken prior to deleting the clients

Version 2.39

Option to show the Print Dialog when printing the Client Reports. Click Episode Options, Show Print Dialog to show or hide the Print Dialog window.

Added additional validation when entering Result Class Ranges for tests.

Version 2.38

In some instances, adding a Client Episode with the same date and time as a previous episode, resulted in an error.

Add a button to the Backup dialog to open the Backup Folder. This allows you to easily email and copy backup files.
Click Utilities, Backup then click the Open Folder button.

Version 2.37

The client report can be customised to include your own logo. Once you have received your new report or reports, click Setup, Configuration then click the Organisation tab to specify the current Client Report layout.

Allow duplicated clients to be deleted. Two clients are the same if the names and the date of birth are identical. The 2 clients are listed so you can compare the 2 records and make appropriate changes.
The client episodes from the first occurence of the client are moved to the second client and the first client is deleted.
Click the menu items Utilities, Delete Duplicate Clients to perform the procedure.

New option to delete old backup files. Old backup files are deleted if the files are more than 28 days old. The last 10 backup files are always retained.
Click Utilities, Backup then click the Delete Old button.

Version 2.36

New menu option (Help, Visit Web Site) that opens the Mamba Diagnostics web site.

New menu option (Help, Check for Updates) that checks if updates are available. If desired, the updates can be installed.

Version 2.35

In version 2.33 and 2.34, the client's treatments are no longer printed in the correct order. This has been corrected.

The version number of the Client report is printed in the footer. The current version is v1.6.

If a PDF report is created when another report is open, an error is displayed requesting that the PDF report be closed.

Test details window - The Result Options tab is now the first tab.

If a Practitioner's details are changed, the changes are now reflected immediately in the Practitioner's panel.

Version 2.34

Allow Oganisation Name and Practitioner fields to be added to report templates. If you process the reports for another practitioner, then the practitioner details for the client can be automatically inserted into the report when printed.

Version 2.33

If a client has more than 1 episode, then the results of the last 3 client episodes are printed on the Client Report.

The Report List has been replaced by the Report Explorer. View the Report Explorer by clicking File, View reports. This makes it easier to create, modify and distribute reports.

Incorporated Remote Assistance which allows your screen to be viewed upon request. This is instigated by Help, Remote Assistance.

Add Work - Phone to the Client form.

Version 2.32

Increase the size of the Name fields from 16 to 24 characters.

Reports can be emailed from the Mamba Diagnostics program. The email parameters need to be configured before this can be performed. Click Setup, Configuration, Email tab.

Version 2.31

In Setup, Tests, ensure that the rule cannot be deleted for a Reams test.

Change height and weight units from cms, kgs to cm, kg.

Allow the date format of yyyy-mm-dd.

Version 2.30

Salt result is calculated from the Conductivity meter reading.

Height & Weight was not being copied from the previous epiosde.

pH rules did not include very high or very low pH ranges.

Version 2.29

On the folders tab of configuration window, add a Folders button to list the files in the selected folder.

Weight can be recorded using 1 decimal place.

Save the postition of the Comment window and treatment window.

Ensure that the Comment Categories and Comments are sorted alphabetically.

On the folders tab of the Configuration window, increase the size of the folder fields from 60 to 120.

Click on Utilities, Statistics to display the number of Clients, Episodes and tests that have been performed.

Change the way Urea rules are applied. There is no change to the results.