David Lomman
Holistic Pathways

The RBTI Analysis reporting system put together by Mamba Diagnostics has made doing reports for clients quick and easy. This has been a major draw for clients as they know that they can have a report detailing their results in a very short time.

The software is easy to use and made specifically for the RBTI Analysis testing that I am teaching throughout Australia.

It works brilliantly for us, cutting report time down to 10 minutes or less, allowing us to assist many more clients in much less time. We have saved hundreds of hours and it has become an invaluable part of our business.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants to do written RBTI Analysis reports purchase and use this software.

John Catsicas
Prahran, VIC

It is essential to have a professional, consistent report for my patients. The clients really appreciate the reports. They can see the current and previous results so they know how they have have progressed and they have written instructions that they can refer to.

The program is easy to use and makes the process much more efficient - it is a real timesaver. I think it is absolutely essential.

Glenda Ford Natural Therapies
Melbourne, VIC

I've been using Mamba Diagnostics for some months now and have found the program to be indispensable and certainly time saving. My clients also find the report concise, informative and easy to read.

Richard has provided such a supportive and professional assistance. I couldn't wish for more. His kind efficiency is most valued.

Karen Hogan ND
Melbourne, VIC

I think the system is truly fantastic; it's user friendly, professional, informative and always impresses my clients.

It makes the whole RBTI analysis process so easy; calculate a client's measurements, fill out the report and email.

Overall I'm delighted that I bought the program. You set things up really well and you have been extremely thorough in helping install the program.

Marcia Pitman
Life Works Health Clinic
Brisbane, QLD

My name is Marcia Pitman and I run a Bioresonance clinic in Brisbane. I have trained in RBTI and have been using the Mamba computer program to process results and printouts for my clients. I have found Mamba to be invaluable and feedback from clients is very positive. The online service from Richard has been helpful and efficient.

Sharon Allan
Natural Outcomes
Melbourne, VIC

I love your program, thank you. I am using it for each client.

It makes a massive difference.

Loreto Whitney
Maitland, NSW

Richard is wonderfully considerate and helpful and he has been called on many times to assist my Kinesiology Practice. He pays impeccable attention to every detail of the work that he undertakes which he does with enthusiasm and caring.

I admire Richard's skills and abilities and he uses his insight, common sense and intelligence to wisely assist the people with whom he is working to achieve wonderful results.