Plant-based Diet Movies

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Below are four plant-based diet movies that are worthwhile seeing.

* The Game Changers
* What the Health
* Cowspiracy
* Code Blue

What The Health and Cowspiracy are somewhat depressing. You need to get to the very end of What The Health to discover the profound impact of a whole-food plant-based had on 3 very sick people – people that would have been destined to a much shorter life full of misery.

The Game Changers is much more light-hearted and optimistic.

The first three movies are available on Netflix.

The movie 2040 is a documentary by Damon Gameau that targets a young audience to convince them that they can make a difference to planet Earth’s well-being using technology that we already have at our disposal.

It is overly optimistic and does not address the core issues. A review of this movie can be viewed at 2040 – Documentary

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